9 Super Amazing Facts About Animals

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Animals are wondrous creatures which never cease to amaze us, kids and adults alike. Thus the presence of zoos all over the world, nature preserves, and popularity of household pets. But we found 9 interesting facts about 9 separate animals which we think will amaze you more than usual. We may have even come across the key to immortality.

Flamingos – Eat Upside Down

1 flamingo

For such a beautiful bird, flamingos sure do have a funny way of eating. They eat upside-down! There is however a reason for this madness. Stirring up the bottoms of the waters where they feed, their bills have natural filtering mechanisms, or lamellae, to collect the crustaceans, algae, brine shrimp, insects, and fish the flamingo eats. This filter-feeding is facilitated by the bird’s lower bill being much larger than the non-fixed upper bill, an arrangement quite contrary to other birds, but perfect for upside-down feeding! Beautiful, well-adapted, and pink!

You would never guess how long the next animal’s pregnancy lasts!


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