9 Incredibly Extreme Body Modification Examples

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Some people learn to knit. Some take up tennis. And others decide to dedicate their lives to painstakingly modifying their bodies in mind-boggling and torturous ways. Why not? Check out these 10 individuals and practices we have found to be freaky indeed.

Cathie Jung – World’s Smallest Waist

Torture can come in many forms. Cathie Jung has worn corsets for over 50 years resulting in a waist only 15 inches around while in her corset. This has resulted in her holding the Guinness Book of Record’s title for having the world’s smallest waist. When not in her corset, her waist is 21 inches, but she apparently usually wears a corset 24 hours a day! It should be noted that wearing corsets in such a manner can make breathing difficult and cause possible organ damage.

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