10 Most Surprising Things Ever Found Inside Sea Creatures

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When we think about the world, the first image that comes to mind is that of mountains, fields, deserts and a bit of ocean. The truth is that water covers more than 71% of our planet’s surface! The number is very similar to our own percentage, but that’s a whole different story. What we wanted to discuss here (or reveal, more accurately) is the amount of weird stuff found inside our beautiful blue oceans. And not only inside the oceans and seas, but inside those magnificent creatures of the water! So hang on tight and witness 10 things found inside sea creatures, that will make you rethink your tuna sandwich.

Shark Inside A Bigger Shark


What a better way to start this article than with a double surprise? When one goes out fishing, one does not expect to catch a shark, and doesn’t even dream about catching a shark that already had one shark for breakfast. As the saying goes, truth IS stranger than fiction. We’re looking at you, Jaws!

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