These 11 Pizza Art Works Will Make You Cry Tears Of Joy

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Pizza is one of the most favorite dishes in the entire world, and has been so since around 990 AD. The origin of this magical pastry is uncertain, and the same goes for the origin of the word Pizza itself. Some sources say it is a Roman adaptation of the Greek bread, others say its culinary ancestors are the Middle-Eastern Pita bread or the German pastry which made it’s way to Italy in the 6th century. What is certain though, is the fact that the combination of dough, cheese (be it Mozzarella or any other kind of melting cheese), tomato sauce, and any other topping, is nothing short of fantastic! There is no doubt Pizzas can be amazing works of art, so here are 11 fine art pieces, which happen to be Pizzas as well.

Stacked Pepperoni Pizza Cake


How come no one thought about this combination before? A cake that’s also a pizza, or a stack of them to be more accurate. All you need is a few Pizzas and some dough to cover them, an oven, and voila! You’ve got yourself a Pizza-Cake. We wouldn’t recommend sipping coffee along with it, cause it just might not be the same as your everyday cake.

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